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About Sevaarth

Sevaarth Application is a web based application developed for automating the operational activities taken up by the Field offices of the various Department of Government of Maharashtra, the system is an integrated system and comprises the following 5 modules :

Payroll : This module is primarily used for the preparation of the salary bills of the state government employees.
Niwruttivetanwahini (Pension):Niwrutivetanwahini is mainly for the preparation of the pension cases of the retired employees under the Government of Maharashtra and also takes care of the preparation of the first and monthly pension bills of all the pensioners governed by the State Government.
"As a pensioner user can login into the system with USERNAME as PENSIONER and Password as ifms123. To view the details of the pension credited please access PENSIONER CORNER REPORT."
DCPS & NPS :This application is used for the Account maintenance and Submission of the contributions of the employees covered under the DCPS & NPS scheme.
GPF Group-D :The module is applicable for the account maintenance and recovery of the subscriptions against the GPF of the Group-D employees.
Loans and Advances:The disbursement of the government sanctioned Loans and advances to all the state government employees and their recovery from the payroll application as per prevailing rules and regulations through this application.

Besides the modules mentioned above the application is also integrated with the Budget Estimation, Allocation & Monitoring System to book the expenditure in the system against the Salary,Pension.
For operating the relevant modules Please login from the login window using your roles credentials as a DDO/TO/Inward Clerk/ Pension Clerk/Auditor/ATO /Treasury Admin/MDC/AG or as a Employee/Pensioner for the required operational activity or to access any information.